Flight Report – 10/04/2016

Venue: Pontefract Racecourse
Wind Speed: 10-18mph


Something weird is going on here. As noted in the previous flight report the UK has experienced a dreadful winter for kite flying. So to get two fly-ins in a week is just short of miraculous – don’t worry though, as I am typing this it has resorted to its usual rainy self.

The weather forecasters got the weather almost right. Yes there was sun; yes there was wind, but not the predicted 8-10mph. It was 10mph minimum and it just got windier as the day went on. It was blowing hard enough by mid-afternoon to warrant getting out a VTD kite. The trouble was I just had not brought one along. I had a bag full of SUL, UL, and STD. I really must start leaving the VTD in the bag.

There was a full turnout of NMKG members today (even Buster the dog put in an appearance) and I think it was fair to say that all of us took some time to get back into our stride. But, judging by the grin on everyone’s faces I think we all really enjoyed ourselves. Put up in the sky today were a Lumokites Skykiller, a Benson Deep Space, JoE Talons, a Sixth Sense, and a SKD Seven.

I think the winter off has focused everyone’s minds on what actually it is they want to accomplish this year. I for one am determined to sort out my side slide. It was a trick that I just kind of overlooked when I first started flying and after watching some beautiful slides from Shaun Denton on his Deep Space last year I have made it my aim to get some lessons off him. I spent time stood behind him just to try and see what his hands were doing. It occurred to me that Shaun sort of just pushes his kite into the slide – I have always thrown it in. Whereas Shaun’s most definitely slide mine tended to just roll and then limp. I have more or less decided to fly my Sixth Senses exclusively this year so I got out the STD and tried to be ‘gentler’ with this trick. It seemed to make a difference. I have got a heck of a long way to go but was pleased enough to dedicate future time on this trick.

A plus for me though was that I can Taz more or less on command. It is just weird that you can’t do a trick and then when you can you just can’t understand what the problem was. I am most definitely stronger Taz’ing on the right side of the window, so I spent a good 30 minutes just doing these over and over again on the left side. I really want to get to the point when I can throw a Taz in during a half axel cascade. I love the look of this combo.

I even felt brave enough to start trying cometes again, but I am not going to lie to you…they are just plain ugly at the minute. I can get one, but just don’t seem to be able to get them linked up into a series. But I suppose that if it was easy it would be boring right?

The best part of the day for me though was when a SKD Seven was pulled out and put up into the air. I have not seen one of these in the flesh before and I was immediately VERY interested in having a go. The kite look stunning and the build quality is up there with the best. I really dig a kite with pinstripes and this had them in oodles. I had a go on it for about 15 minutes and I really do like this kite. I am pretty bad in that I will either instantly like a kite – Talon for example, or the opposite – the Superfly being one. This was definitely in the former category, and if I was in the market to get a new kite then this would be a hot contender. It felt pretty light on the lines to me, but gave enough feedback to get good line tension and you could have some real freestyle fun. There was a bit of tinkering around going on with tail weights as it was very nose heavy (previous owner had apparently ‘tweaked it’ for the worse) but this soon was ironed out.

A lot of the conversation revolved around our forthcoming Filey weekend and it is clear that this is the biggest event in our group’s year. Details will be put up on this website very shortly and a post has already gone out on the Fractured Axel forum, so please do take the time to check this out and we would love to see you there. The June dates are Thursday 23rd – Sunday 26th June ’16, and the September ones are still to be decided upon. I promise that you will not be disappointed if you do make the effort to come along.


Flight Report by Ian Perks