Roils Head

Roils Head Moor, just off Rye Lane, Halifax, HX2 0QP

Roils Head Moor is situated just outside of Halifax and is notoriously high, windy and a very cold venue in Winter months.

It can be slightly tricky to find so we suggest that you contact us via our Facebook page if you are planning on visiting and need directions.

As already mentioned it is pretty high up and on a clear day you will find yourself looking down on a lot of beautiful surrounding countryside. Off in the distance you can see rows of wind turbines, cows grazing in fields, planes lazily traversing the sky, weather fronts coming in on the horizon; it is a beautiful spot. The height of the venue tends to make it our preferred choice on those low wind days when anywhere else would be a struggle. If there is any wind to be had then you can get it on Roils Head. Thus the opposite is true; when the wind is up stay away as you will likely be going home with a broken kite. The wind tends to be equally good blowing from all directions at Roils Head Moor.

There is a small area to park and we have never had any issues in getting a spot. You very rarely see anyone else up there doing leisure activities apart from the odd biker and a collection of motorcross enthusiasts.

However a word of warning, the area is very popular with dog walkers and some of the owners are just plain irresponsible. It is not a rare thing to have a dog barking and chasing your beloved kite with not an owner in sight. And more frustrating is that there seems at times to be some owners who think it is good fun for the dog, and look at you gone out when you point out that if the dog attacks your kite you are going to be asking them to reimburse you a couple of hundred pounds to replace it. It’s a risk you take; we have never actually had any incidents but we have come close.

In winter this issue seems to diminish as it is a very cold place to be stood. Make sure you wrap up warm on one of the days as you are very exposed and fun soon ends if you start shivering.