Essential Kite Documents

Useful printed resources  for the trick kite flyer are limited, but there does exist some great articles and books that are freely available.

Below are a few of our favourites which every serious trick flyer needs to take a look at:

Kite Notes by Peter Massey
Swept Wing Stunt Kites by Mark Cottrell

Kite Notes by Peter Massey (11.9 mb)

This is one of the best documents available on trick kiting. The author is UK flyer Peter Massey, and he has kindly allowed anyone to freely share it and adapt it, as long as you make no claims to stop others using these notes.

In Peters own words…

This book is an attempt to write an up-to-date book that answers questions that someone participating in mostly two and some four line stunt kiting may have. It is not written, as in many other books cases, by professional authors or by people who became famous in the sport. It is written by an amateur from notes made while becoming competent, and contains the information that he and his friends would have found useful to know. This information is mainly on stunt kites, but as flyers will come into contact with other disciplines at festivals and fly-ins, it also includes some information on single line kites and on power kiting.

No book can comprehensively cover all aspects of kite flying, or even of just stunt kite flying. It is hoped that this book contains something of interest for everyone from beginners to experts. It is particularly written with intermediate dual line stunt kite flyers in mind, those who have mastered most of the basics of stunt kite flying, and are faced with maintaining their kites and learning tricks without the benefits of access to good instructors.

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Swept Wing Stunt Kites by Mark Cottrell (4mb)

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